Influencer Marketing for Addiko

Influencer marketing had once again shown its strength - over 14,219 post views and 1,000 finished surveys.

Influencers Raise Awareness about Children’s Growth

In collaboration with the Danish company Novo Nordisk, we created 3 influencer campaigns called More Than Height.

valentina walme - sensilab - tummytox

Influencer and PR Campaign for Sensilab

By hiring Valentina Walme, who introduced the TummyTox product line, we reached visibility of 60,000 people.

Instagram Growth with Epiderma

During the Epiderma campaign, we were able to reach over 100.000 unique visitors and increase sales by 20%.

30 seconds for children

30 Seconds for Children

A PR and influencer campaign with over 900,000 impressions for the humanitarian challenge we’ve done with the "Btonic" brand.

pamela ramljak btonic

Btonic Influencer Campaign

By placing the dietary supplements in front of 200,000 people the brand witnessed an increase in sales.

black friday top shop

“Black Friday” – TOP SHOP

By including the popular singer Zanamari Percic, we promoted the significant "Black Friday" event for TOP SHOP.

kristina vukas galeb

Celebrity Endorsement for “GLB”

Using a suitable creative strategy, we have achieved greater popularity and visibility for the Galeb Street brand "GLB".