Influencers Raise Awareness about Children’s Growth

In coalition with the Danish company Novo Nordisk, we created 3 influencer campaigns called More Than Height. These campaigns were set to raise awareness among parents with young children about the importance of measuring their child’s growth at least twice a year. Our experience taught us that nobody does a better job at this than celebrity moms.

Influencer moms in action

We gathered Croatia’s famous moms –  Doris Pinčić Rogoznica, Pamela Ramljak, Marijana BatinićAna Zibar and Petra Kurtela who had a good time with their little ones and managed to spread the word to many other parents. With 9 posts and 14 stories on Instagram, they reached 1,000,000 users of this social network. The influencers generated over 50,000 post likes and over 7,000 people used a growth calculator on the  More Than Height website as a tool which indicates healthy growth for preteenagers.

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