Influencer Marketing

Wondering what influencer marketing can do for you as a company?

Like other brands, you are probably looking for a way to reach a larger number of your potential customers. Social media influencers have an impact on their followers and by displaying your products they will sparkle interest in your brand.

For example, if your brand is cosmetics or fashion-oriented, you can use an influencer who already presents this type of content. Why is that so? People who follow such influencers are your target group and are interested in products or services from this sector. You do not want to waste your budget where there are no potential buyers.

Surely you wonder what is our role in it?

Finding the right influencer for your brand can take a long time as well as creating a strong communication message. Our agency cooperates with a wide network of Croatian influencers, so it is up to us to connect you with those who will promote your product or service in the best possible way.


Interested to know more?

We present our "Btonic" influencer campaign, which we have done in collaboration with Pamela Ramljak, Masa Zibar, Petra Colak, and Erika Kraljevic.